Saturday, April 01, 2006

How To Determine the Value of Pez

  1. Determine whether the dispenser has feet (an addition to the base that helps the dispenser stand upright). Pez dispensers without feet were typically made before 1987 and are more valuable.
  2. Check the patent number on the lower part of the stem to make a rough age estimate. Collectors abbreviate the patent number using the first two numbers, so a dispenser with patent number 4,966,305 would be called a 4.9. The five issues of Pez are 2.6 (issued in 1952), 3.4 (1968), 3.8 (1974), 3.9 (1976) and 4.9 (1990). Some older Pez dispensers are extremely valuable.
  3. Consider how the dispenser is packaged. In order of least to most value, the designations are: Loose (not packaged), MIB (Mint in Bag - mint condition in a cellophane bag), MOC (Mint on Card - on a cardboard backing covered by a clear plastic blister) and MOMC (Mint on Mint Card - with the card in perfect shape and not bent or scratched).
  4. Check a Pez price guide. These books identify the variations that can affect a dispenser's value. While one Batman (soft head, gray base, no feet, Loose) goes for more than $175, another Batman (black head, black base, feet, MOC) will score you only about $3. By knowing these variations, you'll be able to bargain with prospective buyers
  5. Consult online price guides and online auctions such as eBay or Amazon to get a good idea of what your specific Pez dispenser might be worth.